30 Scholarship schemes were being run for school students by 9 departments/boards. Each scheme had its own application form, rules, account heads, Sanction Authority and related processes. A student had know the scheme, its rules and had to apply separately for each scheme. The disbursal was using cash/cheque. There was little transparency, accountability, monitoring..

Student Tracking & Integrated School Scholarships and Benefits Management System of School Education Department has achieved the following:

All school going children/students are to be registered on the system. Detailed profile of over 1.6 crore children registered, Scholarship of over 500 crores sanctioned and disbursed to over 78 lacs students

The system tracks entire school going population of State with the aim of creating a centralized planning tool for the School Education. It would help identify understaffed schools, under-utilized (in terms of student enrolment) schools and potential beneficiaries for non-monetary disbursal schemes (bicycles and books) for students.

GPR and Convergence - School Education Department (SED) designated as nodal department for running all scholarship schemes.

A COMMON and INTEGRATED form designed for all schemes. The form has bare minimum fields needed for establishing the eligibility & calculating the entitlement

Student can check his own entitlement online using scholarship calculator, he/ she can track the status of his application.

Based on the student profile, the system calculates the schemes, entitled amount, budget heads and generates the sanction other in an error free manner. The system has eliminated the scope of discretion and detailed knowledge and understanding of the rules of the scheme.

Integrated Student database will allow transfer of student from one school to other and promote him/her from one class to next.

Platform provides an apt handle on the real time status of the number of Scholarship application received, sanctioned and disbursed for better implementation and monitoring.

State eGovernance Award 2013-14 Winners' Trophy State eGovenance Award 2013-14

SKOCH Gold Award 2014 Winners' Trophy State eGovenance Award 2013-14

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